What is IP?

Human creation, recognised and protected in law.

For example: artistic works (music, literature, sculpture, painting, dance, theatre etc.), written works (books, articles etc.) covered by copyright, Trademarks and Patents (of devices mechanical, medicines, and other cool stuff).

Why start this website?

Perché un site per la proprietà intellettuale? Perché il mondo cambia sempre, e non sempre in un modo bravo. Per questo, pensavo per un anno (più o meno) di creare un site che potesse darci un nuovo modo di pensare della proprietà intellettuale e forse darci la possibilità di cambiare per il bene.

Why is the last answer in Italian?

To avoid a straight answer.

Why name this website FreeIP?

Well, the original idea was to call it freeideas.com, but that is taken (not that much is being done with it). I went through a bunch of other permutations and combinations of 'free ideas' before deciding that it wasn't worth it. I gave up on it for awhile, whilst I tried to think of a better name. Then, recently, (about 5 days before I registered freeip.org), I was reading the Australian-US Free-trade Agreement's provisions for IP. I decided that the issue was bigger than just ideas, it was also our approach to IP law.

Isn't Free Intellectual Property an oxymoron?

Yes, and no. If “free” is used as a verb no, of course it isn't. If “free” is used as an adjective, well that's the point (or one of the points) of this website: what is property? What is “free”?